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01. Orthopaedics 

Pre- and post- surgery treatment. This includes rehabilitation to improve muscle strength, range of movement, proprioception, balance and endurance.

02. Musculoskeletal Pain

We aim to ease the sypmtoms of pain through various techniques including soft tissue release, manual therapy, exercise, individualised rehabilitation as well as education on injury prevention.

03. Long Covid

We work alongside an established Long Covid physician to provde you with holistic individualised rehabilitation to overcome symptoms which are commonly associated with this condition. 

04. Women's Health 

Conditions related to: 
- Menstruation
- Pregnancy
(Antenatal & Postpartum)
- Bladder & Bowel
- Sexual Intercourse
- Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction
- Prolapse

05. Paediatrics

Intervention with developmental difficulties and orthopaedic conditions and assisting with reaching milestones.

This does not include neurological conditions.

06. Chest Physiotherapy

Consist of manual techniques and breathing exercises aimed to loosen up secretions & improve lung functions and exercises aimed at improving cardiovascular endurance.

07. Exercise Classes

This includes regaining joint range of movement, muscle strength & endurance, balance & proprioception, functional training, education for various individuals.

- Mom & baby (post-natal)
- Geriatrics
- Sports rehab

08. Treatment at Home 

Can't come to us?
We can travel to you and treat you in the comfort of your own home.

Travel fees will apply.


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 Assessment/ TREATMENT 

Please select INITIAL assessement/ treatment:
- You are a new patient and have never been treated at Origin Physiotherapy
- If this is a new condition
- If you have not been treated by us in the last 12 months  


1 Hour 

Please select FOLLOW UP treatment if:
- you are an existing patient and returning for the treatment of an existing condition. 


45-60 minutes




Pelvic Dysfunction:

- Incontinence

- Pelvic Floor Weakness
- Pelvic Floor Tightness

- Pelvic Organ Prolapse

- Constipation

Breastfeeding support

Antenatal and Postpartum Rehabilitation

C-Section Scar Rehabilitation

Pain assosciated with pregnancy

Initial Assesment/ Treatment R840 

Follow Up Treatment

60-90 minutes


Deep tissue massage to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help you recover from workouts and injuries.

Pregnancy safe massage also available.

Single session: R560 


Package deal: R1950 for 4 sessions (used over 4 months)


Massage vouchers available



We come to you in the comfort of your own home. Working closely with your primary physician we treat you holistically with individualised care and techniques, keeping in mind your needs and goals.

Please contact us directly to book and for the cost of these sessions. 

Cash Payment Terms and Conditions:

Payment will be made after each appointment via Cash, Card or EFT payment.

You will be issued with an invoice via e-mail after each appointment.

Medical Aid Submission:

Direct submissions to medical aids are available with provision that you have funds available. Some medical aids do require a pre-authorisation before attending a physiotherapy session. If you are not sure, it would be best to give your a medical aid provider a call just to check if you need this. 

If you pay on the day of your session, you will be responsible for submitting your statements to your medical aid and the session will cost R740 for an initial session and R620 for a follow up session for a general physio session and R840 for an initial women's health session and R720 for a follow up women's health session.

If the practice submits on your behalf, medical aid rates will be charged which may come to more than if you pay the practice directly.


Please note that the above does not apply to Long Covid patients. 

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